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United Optical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is committed to providing users with optical components, industrial imaging lenses, imported photoelectric detection instruments. Our products cover the optical field, including optical components, machinery, optical inspection services, coatings, etc., and provide customized services for optical products. We can understand the needs of users, provide users with system integration solutions, develop products together with users, and bring products to market. 


main products


Optical components (standard optical lenses, high power laser lenses, custom optical components, polarizing components)

Infrared optical materials, lenses, optical devices

Optical mechanical components (piezoelectric electronic control platform, optical shockproof table, optical adjustment frame, manual displacement table, optical components, optical bridge system)

A full range of high-quality industrial imaging lenses (fixed focus / telecentric / line sweep / zoom zoom / special custom lens), lighting source

Optical measuring instruments


Why GU-Optics?


In response to the needs of customers, United Optoelectronics continues to expand the inventory of its products and enrich its product types to better serve its customers.

     We are headquartered in Beijing with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shandong and Changchun. In order to provide better products to users, we have established testing laboratories and related testing systems in Beijing. 

      The customers of United Optoelectronics include Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other domestic universities and research institutions, and the product quality meets the needs of customers.
      We are very happy to let our products work in the hands of users, which makes our products more competitive in the market. We will strive to improve product quality, improve our services, grow together with our customers, and contribute to the advancement of China's optical industry.

Advanced Optical Components

Advanced Optical Components (pdf)


Machine Vision Optics

Machine Vision Optics_1 (pdf)



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